2018 Top 4 Fastest Developing Countries In Africa | Growth Numbers And Facts

We must celebrate countries where citizens and leaders alike are working together to grow their country despite differences that continue to exist and cannot be eliminated. A significant increase in intra-Africa trade will contribute to economic growth for African countries.

  1. Rwanda – Economy growing at over 7% annually. New world-class international airport in Kigali. Decrease in religion activities.
  2. Ghana – Growing approximately 7% annually. Growth evident from increased mining and oil discovery and refining activities.
  3. Tanzania – Growing by approximately 7% annually. Poverty and corruption have reduced notably over the last decade, contributing to the country’s growth. Investments and developments in the mining and agricultural markets have also increased. 
  4. Senegal – Growing by over 6% annually. Senegal has grown into one of Africa’s most stable economy’s and a key hub for increased trade on the continent. Senegal has also increased production of made in Africa goods.


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