5 Great Restaurants in Lagos Mainland

As the most populous city in Nigeria, Lagos is one of Africa’s most eclectic mega-cities and the country’s definitive city of culture, thanks to its art, music and culinary scene. The food scene in Lagos changes rapidly which is hard to catch up with. One second the latest restaurants is Bukka Hut, another is Yellow Chilli.

This has made the dining scene more dynamic, fresh and making the city famous for having some of the best restaurants in Nigeria. Lagos Mainland restaurants offer a wide variety of delicious meals, flavourful nibbles with great hospitality and customer service. Below are 5 great restaurants in Lagos Mainland.

Yellow Chilli

Yellow Chilies is a trendy restaurant in the heart of Ikeja. The restaurant offers delicious and ethnic Nigerian delicacies with a variety of gourmet meals and local spicy foods such as pepper soup, spicy stewed snails, seafood Okra and Prawn made with fresh ingredients with lots of herbs.

La Mango Restaurant and Bar

La Mango is a restaurant and bar, serving a large variety of drinks and a specific range of foods tailored for easy consumption and high satisfaction. They provide a modern, classy and stylishly decorated venue for people to come during working hours for lunch and meetings, after work and on the weekends to watch sports, relax, eat good food and have a drink and a good time.

DeChills Hind

DeChills Hind is a Nigerian restaurant, lounge, bar and night club rolled into one. The restaurant serves all kinds of dishes from African to Continental food. Situated in Surulere, it is known for its quality ingredients and flavourful foods; the foods are delicious.

Browns Cafe and Restaurants

The restaurant is popularly known as “Browns” and it is noted for its breakfast menu called ‘Naija Breakfast’ and Browns Platter. Browns foods and drinks are freshly prepared with flavourful ingredients. They serve a variety of Nigerian dishes and gourmet delight.


Dinning at Rhapsody’s is an event because of its beautiful setting, classic interior, comfortable atmosphere and thoughtfully prepared foods. The restaurant offers a la carte selections and you can unleash your appetite with a multi-course feast with salads and appetizers. This restaurant will sate your appetite with their delicious meals.

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