5 Billionaires That Emerged From Stock Market Investments

People who became billionaire-rich from stock market investments started trading young. Some are the leading figures at some of the world’s biggest investment corporations. Review below a summary of 5 top billionaire investors of which one is a woman.

Top 5 Historic Stock Market Billionaires 2020:

  • Warren Buffet – With a net worth of over $90B, he is fondly regarded as the world’s most successful stock market billionaire investor.
  • Raymond Dalio – One of America’s richest investors, Dalio is founder of hedge funds company, Bridgewater Associates. He is often ranked as one of top 150 richest in the world with a networth of $16B.
  • Abigail Johnson – One of very few females sitting atop the investments world. Johnson is President and CEO of Fidelity Investments. Her father was Chairman and CEO for several years. She has a networth of $12B.
  • George Soros – Hungarian-American investor that generated most of his wealth from hedge funds. Soros is living his 9th decade of life with a networth of over $8B after donating a whooping sum of $32B to philanthropic causes.
  • Rakesh Jhunjhunwala – Professional chartered accountant turned trader. 51st richest man in India with majority of wealth earn from stock market trading. Net worth of $1B

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