APC Crisis “Good For Nigeria”?

Editorial below sole opinion of Fredrick Nwabufo @FredrickNwabufo

All Progressives Congress (APC) is on the cusp of an implosion. The crisis in the party has reached a frightening crescendo. It has been a gradual but steady plummet for the party since its 2015 unanticipated triumph. I believe, the APC is on the thrall of a curse – the success curse.

In March, I wrote ‘Are we having the funeral of APC so soon,’ putting the tumbling fortunes of the party through a dialectical quarry. I said, and I still think working together in a struggle is a much easier enterprise than banding in victory. In 2013, the PDP galloped from one crisis to another until it imploded and lost power at the centre in 2015. The APC is toeing the same path. As I said, since the party cruised to power, it has been embroiled in tremulous wrangling.

apc nigeria tinubu buhari

To say the obvious, the APC was never a party – in the real sense of the word – but a special purpose vehicle to grab power. To put it lucidly, it is just a club of desperate people desperate for power.

The parties and personalities – Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), and the new PDP – that dissolved into the APC had nothing in common. The only common ground or to put it sternly, unifying-enemies, was former President Goodluck Jonathan.

The seal holding the tatters of the APC at the moment is Buhari. I know the APC crisis can only get worse because the party was never meant to be. And this is good development for Nigeria. All desperate structures propping the status quo need to give way for the country to burgeon.

Like the Third Reich collapsed for Germany to thrive, some political parties holding the fortunes of Nigeria need to run out of oxygen for the country to breathe.

With the raging crisis in the APC, Nigerians can see clearly the failures of the ruling party in handling its own matters and can relate them to the approach the party takes to the governance of the country. It is a failure all around.

Our political system needs reborning. The more non-ideological and predatory political behemoths collapse, the more room for people-interest based political parties to mushroom and grow.

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