Consulting Firms In Nigeria: The Top 5

Consulting firms are firms of experts or consultants, whose job is to provide professional information and advice to an individual or organization in exchange for a fee known as consultation fee. Consulting firms in Nigeria spread out their services across various platforms like the financial institutions, IT firms, Business Development and Management, PR and Advertisement agencies, Real Estate, Human Resource and so on.

The primary purpose of consulting firms is to provide access to industry-specific consultants and Subject Matter Expert (SME) which can, in turn, provide valuable resources and inventory for the much-needed growth of a business or an individual. Consulting firms focus on both maintenance and development – maintenance for top organizations and development for upcoming organizations. It is a wrong notion to think that every consulting firm is either into human resources or business management.

With that said, below are the top 5 consulting firms in Nigeria.

  1. KPMG Consulting

    KPMG is a world-renowned consulting firm. They are a tax firm providing audit, tax and advisory services. KPMG is a multinational business/financial organization with a really strong workforce network in Nigeria. Their audit, tax and advisory services are really top notch.


  2. Accenture Consulting

    Accenture consulting is one of the top dogs in the media consultation category. They have companies in over 30 countries and have been in operation in Nigeria since 2002 and they’ve always been living up to their standard of transformational thinking and quality delivery.


  3. Deloitte Consulting

    Named the best company to work for in Nigeria in 2015, Deloitte, owned by the popular Akintola Williams has services cutting across audit, financial advisory, human capital, legal operations, risk management, business strategy and tax.



              Olatorera Consultancy Limited is a new-generation consulting company providing business development and consulting services to established companies and high net-worth individuals. Olatorera Consultancy provides critical and analytical services to companies under our radar to enable them to innovate and serve their clients more effectively and efficiently using digital resources and modern strategies. Olatorera Consultancy provides the seal and stamp of Africa’s Best to enable great companies to compete stronger on a global scale. Olatorera Consultancy publishes an annual list of “Africa’s Best 100 Companies” and “Africa’s Best 100 Leaders”.


5.Phillips Consulting

Phillips Consulting is a very popular consulting firm in Nigeria. Their services cut across human resources branding and business development, financial services and even extend to health services and management.


Olatorera Consultancy Limited provides business development services to high net-worth individuals and companies looking to grow, enter or do business in Africa.

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