Corruption, Politics & Wealth In Angola: Who Is Marcel Kruse?

Swiss-born, Angola-resident, Marcel Kruse is the current president of FACRA’s investment commission. FACRA is an Angola company acronym that stands for Fundo Activo de Capital de Risco Angolano.  FACRA is an Angola Venture Capital fund, established in 2011 under former president Filomeno Dos Santos, to fund thousands of small and medium enterprises with a starting capital funding of $250 million. Prior to FACRA, Kruse was Executive Director of Banco Kwanza, Angola’s first private equity investment bank, founded in 2008 in Luanda, Angola.

Banco Kwanza, also known as Banco Kwanza Invest (BKI) is an investment bank created by 36-year-old José Filomeno dos Santos “Zenú”, current chairman of the FSDEA and son of the former President of the Republic of Angola.  Business Associate and friend to Kruse, Bastos de Morais (Read about him here) is said to be responsible for recruiting Kruse from the Securities Investments Fund Company he worked as a Director for, in Switzerland, to immigrate into the political world of wealth in Angola through his appointment in Banco Kwanza.

According to Maka Angola, “Since its inception FACRA has never published its accounts as required by law, yet Bastos de Morais and Kruse continued to pocket US $3 million a year for their so-called ‘management’ fees.” All three men, Kruse, “Zenu” and De Morais are under corruption and criminal allegations due to their mis-management of the funds as discovered by newly elected president, João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço. Today, Marcel Kruse is a multi-millionaire enjoying the proceeds of his immigration into corruption and poverty-filled Africa.

Since the corruption scandal broke out publicly, Marcel Kruse’s Linkedin profile has gone under as page ceases to exist meaning he deleted his profile and Marcel Kruse seems to be performing digital damage control behind the scenes as his digital presence and articles are now very limited.



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