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Pinnacular Customer Service with Olatorera Consultancy

If you’re leading a successful establishment, you must inculcate increasing customer service levels continuously. If you are leading a struggling establishment, you must inculcate increasing customer service levels utmostly.

Excellent customer service is critical to the constant growth and success of every company, organization and government parastatal. Any norm of bad service in any establishment will quantify as a top 5 leading factor of under-development and eventual collapse.

Excellent customer service not only creates happy customers and a conducive, progressive environment; it also creates happy, smart, achieving leaders as employees of an organization.

Why Olatorera Consultancy

Olatorera Oniru is one of the pioneers of excellent customer service training in Nigeria. For over a decade, she has built an unrelenting passion for excellence in achieving and constantly growing customer service levels and expertise. The team at Olatorera Consultancy constantly build upon solid structures and programs to expand our customer service offerings to clients nationwide and beyond.

Our Expertise

  • Secret-Customer Detective
  • Service Level Data Analytics
  • Customer Service Consultancy
  • In-depth Customer Service Training & Certification
  • Executive Psychotherapy
  • Rapid Mediation Advisory – B2B and B2C
  • Other Business Development Services

In-depth Customer Service Training

As the most difficult of customers you and your employees will ever experience during our influential Secret-Customer Detective Services and In-depth Customer Service Training, we help your organization build rigor, fun, excitement and expertise in handling every possible customer service scenario. Advance your team into unstoppable customer service winners. During training, attendees build leadership skills, perseverance and mental strength while learning to win people over and impact the organization positively.

What’s The Methodology?

Pinnacular Customer service starts and evolves with our easy-to-execute commandments for world-class service excellence. Our 4-hours training per group involves a mix of presentations, simulations and engaging team building activities. All front office (sales, customer service) and all client-facing (security, cleaner) positions qualify for annual Customer Service Training. Overtime, we organically cleanup and renew your ratings and reviews online as your brand portrays pinnacular customer service to all clients.

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About Olatorera Consultancy

Olatorera Consultancy is a modernistic venture combining deeply-rooted knowledge on Africa’s culture and challenges plus close relationships with topmost leaders to promote development. We provide consultancy, business development and advisory services to notable companies and high net-worth individuals. We propel companies under our radar to serve their clients more effectively and efficiently using digital resources and modern strategies. Olatorera Consultancy manages all aspects of Princess Olatorera Oniru’s public career. OC also publishes news and progressive content daily of high interest to the public and to Africa’s development.