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A new Nigeria, Africa is on the way as millions of youth around the world join in the historic, powerful movement to end police brutality in the country. The physical and online protest started as #endsars in October 2020 after several cases sprung up online detailing torture and brutality in the hands of SARS officers.

What Is Sars?

SARS is Nigeria’s “Special Anti-Robbery Squad” founded in 1984 by Fulani Kwajafa, to combat armed robbery and similar crimes in the country. Many citizens proclaimed that till date, rather than tackle their actual duties, SARS became a menace to the society especially the poor. Under the regime of President Muhammadu Buhari, the menace of SARS increased. Video evidences surfaced online of men and women, boys and girls, weeping over family members and friends lost to the brutality of SARS for no just cause. Considering the extensive lack of checks and balances the nation has witnessed under President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SARS sprung into crimes against citizens and crimes against humanity; often times men of SARS reportedly bragged “I will kill you and no one will help you and there’s nothing you can do about it”. Extortion, invasion of privacy, kidnapping, brutality and murder are some of the crimes citizens have accused SARS of.


Nigerians have lost too many great people inhumanely and unjustly; and have fully declared enough is enough, no turning back, no compromise, no negotiations, no giving up until we have better leaders throughout the country from the grass roots to the national executive. Additionally, Nigerians are fed up of the inability to make progress in such a great, high-potential country. Nigeria clocked 60 years since colonial independence on October 1st 2020. Trillions of dollars in GDP since 1960 and not much accounted for in visible development or progress. Poverty and illiteracy rates are incredulously high with many analysts ranking Oil-Rich, high-potential Nigeria among the world’s worst countries to live in.

What Next? End Sars to Better Nigeria, Reform Nigeria

Millions of Nigerian citizens and friends of Nigeria around the world, have vowed to not stop protesting until the dreams of a better, reformed and progressive Nigeria are well achieved. The current government on the other hand have indicated plans to roll out the army to halt protests. They have also indicated that the protests are interjecting government operations and thus affecting the economy.

Better Together: All The Ideas and Suggestions For A New Progressive Nigeria

Citizens are speaking up more than ever before. In a country that vehemently banned protests by arresting and tormenting peaceful protesters, protesters are now on the streets daily exercising their known rights. Beyond speaking up, citizens are united and working together for a reformed progressive Nigeria. Below are a collation of all ideas. Additional ideas not found below can be sent to [email protected].

  1. Vote Best Leaders #buhariresign has thousands of citizens requesting the president to resign with many others requesting the Inspector General of Police and other office holders to resign.
  2. Feeding Policemen at protest grounds. The fight to end Sars starts with them and is for them.
  3. Renovate police barracks.
  4. Clamour for government to increase salaries of policemen urgently.
  5. Protect protest grounds with dogs and fire baricades.
  6. Provide Nigerian flags to every citizen at every protest ground in the country. This dissuades the Nigerian army from shooting unarmed non-threatening citizens, according to social media authors.
  7. Clamour for government to decrease NASS (National Assembly) salaries. See image in appendix for clarity.
  8. Clamour for every state government to compensate families who unjustly and illegally lost lives before and after the End Sars Movement.
  9. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) should urgent focus on the foremost pending task to prosecute all past and present corruption allegations against public officers and political party members rather than and prior to focusing on common citizens whose growth have been hampered by the political regression of the country.
  10. Progressive Nigerians should remain united and be extremely cautious following, working with, meeting with or believing any words and press releases from any current politician.
  11. Establish, structure and magnify a united Youth Democratic Party in preparation for winning all future elections nationwide.

Message From Olatorera Consultancy:

We are providing mentorship to groups of 250+ people. Please have a date, time and venue organized for your event and email [email protected] to request mentorship and/or motivational speaking from Princess Olatorera Oniru.

The END SARS movement is the most important movement of our lives collectively. SARS is totally inhumane and the political and leadership conditions around SARS are unfortunate and must be reconstructed urgently. Nigerians deserve better, in leadership and in maximizing the remarkably high potentials of the country. ” – Princess Olatorera Oniru

Princess Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru, October 20 2020.