Final Judgement Opinion Series: Is Gypsy Blanchard Innocent?

In order to piece together my final opinion on the Gypsy Blanchard case, I watched at least 5 videos and read at least 5 articles. To understand this episode of Final Judgement Opinion Series better, you may want to first read up on The Gypsy Blanchard Case then come back here to read my final judgement.

This opinion is thorough and final. Yes, Deedee Blanchard was possibly the world’s most horrible mother. But, Gypsy Blanchard is Guilty. After a certain age, Gypsy Blanchard was in, all along, on the scam and deception her mother played on the unassuming public. Gypsy may not have enjoyed being raised by a Munchausen syndrome by proxy mother but at the time of killing her mother, she was old enough to know what she and her mother were doing. Furthermore, during her interview with Dr. Phil, one can decipher that she is a very smart girl. She knows right from wrong. She could walk yet she was using a wheelchair. She watched her mother lie many times to doctors, the media and the general public. She faked her voice and took pictures acting and looking retarded. Gypsy planned her mother’s death. Gypsy heard her mother’s screams and didn’t help. Gypsy stole money, ran away and was having sex with her boyfriend after knowingly murdering her mother. Gypsy urged her boyfriend to post this vulgar message on facebook ““I fucken SLASHED THAT FAT PIG AND RAPED HER SWEET INNOCENT DAUGHTER…HER SCREAM WAS SOOOO FUCKEN LOUD LOL.” Gypsy has a massive mean streak; most likely induced by the hellish theft of her childhood her mother invoked on her.

Gypsy was either raised to be evil (unfortunately) or she has it in her naturally. Either way, her deed was evil. She would get out of jail and continue in the same path. This is not to say that her mother, Deedee Blanchard, was right in how she raised her child – she is beyond incomprehensibly wrong and possibly the worst mother if she could stand trial herself. I believe Gypsy got to a certain age whereby she very well understood and was a party to her mother’s scam. In 2003, Gypsy Blancharde told the Times-Picayune that an organization called the Children’s Wish Endowment had sent her to Disney World because of her alleged medical conditions. She enjoyed perks from being deceitful. Deedee raised Gypsy to be deceitful. Gypsie when freed will continue being deceitful if not given the proper psychological help she needs to become a good member of her society. It’s also important to note that a neighbor described Dee Dee as a “selfless and loving mother”. Kevin Corbisier said: “She was the nicest lady in the world.” Deedee is not alive to stand trial herself. How are we sure Gypsy didn’t deceive Deedee as she deceived the world? Although Deedee’s Brother, Bobby Pitre said “It was basically all a fraud,” “Deedee imprisoned Gypsy” “I was so disgusted with the woman. I could not believe what she was doing.” Family tends to know more than neighbors. Final judgement remains, Gypsy is guilty. Her horrible childhood makes her rightfully very pity-able but not innocent. Gypsie must stay way from the public until she is given intense psychological help.

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