Is It Fair That Paul Kagame Has Made Skin Lightening and Bleaching Products Illegal In Rwanda?

Skin lightening and bleaching products are now permanently illegal in Rwanda. President Paul Kagame of Rwanda has hiked up a fight against “illegal” skin lightening products. Paul Kagame has been recognized as one of the strongest leaders Africa has ever had post-colonization. One of the major reasons Kagame is strong is because he loves his people. Kagame genuinely loves Rwandans, Africans and Africa. Africa’s biggest annual youth event, Youth Connekt, started in Rwanda through Kagame’s government. The ban affects many brands of skin bleaching soaps, creams and pills.

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Is The Ban Fair?

Many Africans who bleach their skin strongly fight for their choice to do so. Similarly alchoholics, smokers, plastic surgery addicts and fake hair users. Freedom of choice is a very important human right. What Kagame and all African governments must to is ensure widespread information on the damaging effects of using skin bleaching products.

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What We Recommend:

  • Completely ban the most dangerous products.
  • Urgent and widespread nationwide dissemination of information on the negative effects of using bleaching creams.
  • Strategic nationwide education on the importance of self-love and the beauty in brown skin.
  • Heavy regulations on the cosmetics industry.
  • Higher taxes on skin bleaching products.
  • Not a full ban but a well regulated market with above recommendations well implemented.

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