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Olatorera Consultancy Business Mediation Group provides corporate advisory within 24 to 48 hours to resolve disputes between two or more established parties. All mediators are certified and all decisions are legally binding saving you time and costs associated with unresolved disputes or Judiciary processes.

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A mediator will be in touch with you within 24 working hours of receiving your submitted form. Please fill out and submit below.

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OC Mediation Process:

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About Olatorera Consultancy:

Olatorera Consultancy is a modernistic venture combining deeply-rooted knowledge on Africa’s culture and challenges plus close relationships with topmost leaders to promote development. We provide consultancy, business development and advisory services to notable companies and high net-worth individuals. We propel companies under our radar to serve their clients more effectively and efficiently using digital resources and modern strategies. Olatorera Consultancy manages all aspects of Princess Olatorera Oniru’s public career. OC also publishes news and progressive content daily of high interest to the public and to Africa’s development.