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Rapid Mediation Terms and Conditions

We are happy to help solve your mediation needs. Our services are 100% non refundable and non transferable. You agree to digitally provide all details necessary for Olatorera Consultancy to provide neutral mediation, consultation and final advisory within 24 to 72 hours. Party A must provide direct phone number and all requested and/or necessary contact details of party B to assigned Mediator, Advisor or Account Manager at Olatorera Consultancy. Party A agrees to respond rapidly to phone calls, emails and all other forms of digital communication prior to receiving final mediation advisory report.

Instances whereby the other party is uncooperative, Olatorera Consultancy will privately and publicly gather as much data as possible from party A and/or other parties involved and concluded the mediation within the same timeframe as cases whereby both parties cooperate. At party A’s request Olatorera Consultancy reserves the right to make all data of the case public through Olatorera Consultancy news and report publicly on the uncooperative nature of party B, along with all evidence gathered against party B.

Payment for rapid Mediation services starts at $55 and payable online via PayPal.

Upon successful payment receipt, an account manager from Olatorera Consultancy will be in touch with party A and B within 24 hours of any working day, Monday to Friday. All final reports are certified by a business or legal analyst at Olatorera Consultancy.

Both parties will receive a private (or public at Party A’s request) link to the final mediation advisory post.