Top 10 African Countries with The Best Healthcare Systems

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According to the African Exponent, African countries spend millions of dollars annually on medical tourism. With different economies, governments and approaches to health care, it is difficult to compare healthcare standards in Africa to other countries. However, in light of the present global health crisis, African countries with strong health systems have to be put in the spotlight. As they can be a source of reprieve in these times. This ranking highlights the most relevant, responsive and reliable health services across private and public sectors. Here are the Top 10 African countries with Best Healthcare systems:

South Africa

South Africa boasts the highest standard of healthcare in Africa. The strength of the country’s healthcare system is mainly imbibed in the private healthcare sector. There are over 200 private hospitals across the country which offer services that match Europe, Asia, and America.


Tunisia has a laudable public health system which provides care for the majority of the population. It includes health centres providing primary care, district and regional hospitals, and university hospitals.


With the best Healthcare in East Africa, the country has made good progress in expanding access to primary health care services. It provides health insurance subsidies for the elderly and severely disabled who also happen to be the worst hit by coronavirus. It also offers free maternity services, elimination of user fees for public primary care facilities.


The government of Algeria finances an efficient public health care system. It ranks not only in the affordability of the systems but also in its care-taking capacity.


Private healthcare facilities in Nigeria are of relatively high standards in Africa. However, the lack of government funding and inadequate staffing levels plague its public healthcare systems.


Public health coverage offered through the Ministry of Health operates a series of medical facilities providing free health services. Furthermore, the country is currently working on restructuring its public healthcare system to improve its quality.


Majority of its free healthcare services and management is focused on the general public. The government provides funding and administration and runs the National Institutes and Laboratories, Basic Care Health Network and the Hospital Network. Morocco also has a social protection system that covers all employees for sickness, maternity, invalidity, and retirement.


Rwanda is a country with one of the most sought-after healthcare systems in Africa. The country’s budget ensures that the health sector gets over 20 per cent of its revenue compared to other countries. Sadly, Rwanda is lacking private stakeholders in its healthcare sector.


The Tanzanian government has prioritized the improvement of its public health institutions. The country also has the acclaimed National Medical Aid Scheme for reaching universal health coverage.


Zambia has made its healthcare workforce an utmost priority. Medical practitioners have been given premium access to the country for the treatment of special cases. As more and more medical boots are on ground, so will it improve access to medical care in Zambia.

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