Top 25 Hausa Words To Know: Translated Into English

You have plans to travel to the Northern region in Nigeria, What are the top 25 words you should know to be able to communicate lightly with indigenous citizens? First, let’s delve into a bit of history of the language.

Hausa language, the most important indigenous lingua franca in West and Central Africa, spoken as a first or second language by about 40–50 million people. It belongs to the Western branch of the Chadic language super-family within the Afro- Asiatic language phylum.The home territories of the Hausa people lie on both sides of the border between Niger, where about one-half of the population speaks Hausa as a first language, and Nigeria, where about one-fifth of the population speaks it as a first language. The Hausa are predominantly Muslim. Their tradition of long-distance commerce and pilgrimages to the Holy Cities of Islam has carried their language to almost all major cities in West, North, Central, and Northeast Africa.Today, we shall identify and translate 25 words from Hausa to English.

          Hausa                                                English

  1. Fitá                                                   Out
  2. Zòná                                                 Sit
  3. Abinci                                              Food
  4. Kásuwà                                            Market
  5. Rigá                                                  Cloth
  6. Táṣhi                                                Stand
  7. Gudu                                                 Run
  8. Huwá                                                Mother
  9. Muji                                                  Man
  10. Mátà                                                 Woman
  11. Yàrinyá                                             Girl
  12. Yàrọ                                                   Boy
  13. Kujèrá                                               Chair
  14. Wutá                                                 Light
  15. Kófá                                                  Door
  16. Màkárántá                                       School
  17. Tákóda                                             Book
  18. Tákálumi                                         Shoe
  19. Idó                                                    Eye
  20. Kun̑é                                                Ear
  21. Káfá                                                  Leg
  22. An̑chi                                               Nose
  23. Mé nè nè su n̑a ká                        What’ your name?
  24. Gári                                                 Village
  25. Ruwá                                               Water


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