Top 3 Reasons Why Several Millions Of Africans Go To Church

Africans are very religious with Islam and Christianity dominating in the lives of most citizens. At least 3 times more students go to church than go to school. In some communities, there are more religious worship centers than there are schools. Churches also own some of the richest structures in many communities. Paying Tithes and Offering is a common practice in almost all churches, with many worshipers believing at least 10% of their income must be donated to the church weekly. We conducted a survey of 128 Churchgoers in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, other Nationalities and Africans in the Diaspora. Below, we summarized the reasons why many millions of Africans go to church.

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Top 3 Reasons Why Millions of Africans Attend Church Service At Least Once Weekly:

  1. For Hope and Faith. They believe in God/Jesus/Higher Being. They want to be blessed. They want to be saved. They need hope and future promises. They want an escape from their current travails and hope the sermon of the day would speak to them.
  2. To meet new people and see old friends. Interestingly, many love to see what others wear to church. They want to greet people, to admire people and to connect with people. Some have hope to meet their significant other at church. Some want to meet their new boss.
  3. For Praise and Worship. Africans love music and many love to dance. Praise and worship is a time of happiness and rejoicing, many don’t want to miss this segment of church at all.

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