Top 5 Most Promising Agriculture Companies In Nigeria

Agriculture is an integral part of the Nigerian economy and clearly, holds the key to future economic growth and development. Although starting-up can be rough owing to the issues of capital and profitability, the best part of agribusiness is that as long as people are eating there is room for possibilities. These Top 5 Most promising Agriculture Companies in Nigeria have not only ventured into the road least traveled but have crossed the threshold of profitability and are on their way to economic impact.


Simply Green

Simply Green Juices is Nigeria’s first farm-to-bottle, organic, cold-pressed juice company. The company owns a farm situated in Oyo state where it produces all the fruits and vegetables used in its various juices. The CEO of Simply Green, Sola Ladoja, was motivated to start-up the company after he noticed that the green Juice he took as regularly in New York was unavailable on his return to Nigeria. More importantly, the agriculture entrepreneur stated that the company’s purpose is to reduce the importation of fruits and vegetables into Nigeria, since most of them can be grown locally. The company was started with N250,000 (US$700) in 2014 and the business has now grown into millions of naira.

Honeysuckles PTL Ventures

Founded by Cynthia Mosunmola Umoru, Honeysuckles PTL Ventures started out with the aim of selling processed agricultural produce to food retail chains and restaurants. However, the agropreneur encountered hindrances mainly inadequate supply and low quality of such food items. These hindrances led her to start her own farm and food supply chain. Today, Honeysuckles produces high quality food products that are well packaged from its own farms and ponds. The HoneySuckles CEO  is currently devoted to training and mentoring young Nigerians who want to venture into agricultural food production.

Kerekusk Rice

Lagos-born-and-bred Rotimi Williams ventured into Nasarawa state and brought forth Kerekusk Rice. Thanks to a partnership with his host community, which provided him with 45,000 hectares of land,  Kerekusk Rice is the second-largest rice farm in Nigeria.The company produces about 8,000 metric tons a year, Kereksuk has plans to expand production and contribute its own quota to reduce the weight on the economy to keep importing rice.

Mebo Farms 

Mebo farms is an indigenous agricultural trading arm of Adrena Media which is involved in the export of a gamut of product such as Maize, Sorghum, Sesame Seeds, Cashew Nuts, Millet, Soya Beans, Palm Kernel Seeds, Molasses, Bran Wheat Offal, Cavendish Banana, Coin Product e.t.c Situation in Abuja, the farm has the capacity to store and supply capacity of over 15,000 Metric Tonnes of agricultural commodities, in-house technical team, experienced agronomic, quick transport / logistics company and a stand-by warehouse capacity of 100,000 bags of commodities.

Ladi Integrated Farms

Ladi Integrated Farms is an agro farm situated in Akure, Ondo state. It produces Vegetables, watermelon,tomatoes etc in commercial quantities for local and international consumption. The farm prides itself in being organic and providing the freshest produce.

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