Tourism In Nigeria: The Beautiful Kajuru Castle

Of the many forts and castles built in Africa, the Kajuru Castle remains one of the most beautiful, youngest and well-preserved castles which now serves as a tourist site with a luxurious in-house resort opened for all.

The Kajuru Castle was built in 5 years between 1978 to 1983, only 36 years since its completion. Built purely of stones, the Castle was built by a German expatriate living in Kaduna. The castle which is an epitome of architectural master-piece is stylishly structured in a medieval way that makes it a sorts of wonder to tourists.

Booking A Day Trip At Kajuru Castle

  • The castle caters to only one group of people for a specified time.
  • Overnight stays have a limit of 12 people while day trips may be unlimited.
  • Day trips cost N20,000 for a group of 10. Overnight stays go up to N300,000.
  • You may contact the castle at their email address [email protected] to book your stay or day trip.

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