World’s Highest infinity Pool : Address Beach Resorts

Dubai is a city known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene. It is home to many amazing attractions and architectural marvels that leaves tourist awes struck including the newly-opened infinity pool, Address Beach Resort

Address Beach Resorts was named in March, The World Tallest Infinity Pool inside a building, the rooftop bathing spot is 293.906 meters high (964 feet and 3. 1inches) which is almost as tall is Eiffel Tower. The length is 94.84 metres while width is 16.5 metres, nearly as long as Olympic-sized pool. However, the pool is only open to hotel guest aged 21 and above.

This is not the only Guinness Book record held by the resort, Address Beach Resorts alongside Address Beach Residences is housed in a set of 2 towers connected by their base and by a skybridge from the 63rd level to the 77th.

The skybridge which is home to luxury apartments is 965.7 feet making it the world highest occupiable skybridge floor.

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