2019 Elections Nigeria: President Muhammadu Buhari’s Top 5 Allies

Despite the elaborate defections by many senators and politicians from the APC to the PDP and other political parties in a bid to distort the chances of President Buhari’s re-election in 2019, there are some very prominent political figures, who one can say weild the power to shift the balance of probability in the elections, who have stuck by the Nigerian president all through. Some of these political figures have been the President’s strongest allies since his election in 2015 and have re-affirmed their support for his return in 2019. They are somewhat confident that there is no hope for any other presidential aspirant to win the upcoming election in 2019 and have not held back in letting the whole nation know that. Without any doubt, here are 5 of the strongest allies of President Muhammadu Buhari:

  1. Aliyu Abubakar also known as the President’s close relative and longest ally.                                                     Related image
  2. Adams oshiomole also known as the former 2-term Governor of Edo state and the APC’s current chairmain.                                                                                                                                                                             Related image
  3. Buba Marwa also known as the former Governor of Lagos state from 1996-1999.                                                    Related image
  4. Ibikunle Amosun also known as the current Governor of Ogun state since 2011.                                              Image result for amosun
  5. Ejike Njeze also known as a current APC Chieftain.

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