2021 Top 10 Most Trending Industries In The World

What industries are booming in 2021? Graduates, Analysts, Entrepreneurs and Investors alike, want to know to aid growth decisions. The financial services industry has witnessed significant changes with the increasing mass global adoption of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The Healthcare industry is another segment that has witnessed massive changes with the rush to save lives during the pandemic that started in Q1 2020 and ongoing through 2021. Digital services have also been on the rise with the increasing adoption of remote work and video communication apps.

Top 10 Most Trending Industries 2021:

  1. Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  2. Cryptocurrencies & Digital Banks
  3. Real Estate & Construction
  4. Ecommerce (Consumer Products, Food & Etransportation Apps)
  5. Technology & Telecommunications (Block chain, Artificial Intelligence…)
  6. Transportation (Electric Vehicles, App Controlled Vehicles…)
  7. Clean Energy
  8. Entertainment & Mass Media
  9. Cannabis (rapidly growing industry since becoming legal in the USA…)
  10. Healthy Food Industry – $5B rapidly growing industry (Plant-based meals, local produce, green Teas…)

Interest in above-mentioned industries increases significantly daily with 2021 a focal year for growth for many companies and investors.

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