2021: World’s Most Powerful Passports

The Henley Passport Index which has been regularly monitoring the world’s most travel friendly passport since 2006, has released its latest rankings and analysis.

It ranks every passport in the world by the travel freedom it allows, that is the number of destinations holders can enter without applying for a visa in advance.

According to the index, Japan is the top of the leader board, with its passport offering visa free or visa on arrival access to 193 destinations around the world. Below is the ranking of the world’s most powerful passport

RankCountryVisa-free destinations
3Germany, South Korea191
4Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain 190
5Austria, Denmark 189
6France, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden 188
7 Belgium, New Zealand, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United State187
8Czech Republic, Greece, Malta, Norway 186
9Australia, Canada 185
10Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia 183

Moreover, the least powerful passports in terms of travel freedom are ranked below

RankCountry Visa-free destinations
101Kosovo, Libya40
102North Korea39
104Palestinian Territory 37
110Afghanistan 26

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