2024 Fashion and Beauty Trends Speech By Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru On Perspectives Arise TV Show

Fashion, beauty and self-presentation is a big deal to many millions of customers as the industry boasts a combined worldwide market value of over 2 trillion dollars. The world of fashion and beauty continuously transforms annually with exciting innovations, creative trends and tempting products. Last week on Perspectives we discussed the sweet importance of taking care of our minds, bodies and souls as we prioritize inner beauty over external looks. As we set out today to discuss the trends and looks for 2024 on this last episode of Perspectives of 2023, inner beauty remains a topmost pre-determinant for any desired look. How we look at any given time is first determined by our body fitness, mental healthiness and soul happiness.

A rich mind would look rich in any clothing or adornment. 2023 was a turbulent year globally. Our best look for 2024 starts with internal self care and ends with a deeper care for family, friends, colleagues, fellow citizens and anyone we meet or interact with as we journey through a new year filled with boundless potentials. Handcrafted embellishments, bold colors, metallics, stilettos, any desired look for 2024 is heightened through humility, creativity and lots of genuine smiles and laughter. The fashion and beauty trends of the new year are a celebration of individuality, sustainability, and diversity. Our statements through fashion is a reflection of our values, our stories, and the diverse beauty that makes our world truly magical.

Concluding Speech On 2024 Fashion and Beauty Trends:

Fashion and style of understated elegance and natural beauty will always be in vogue. As we navigate varying degrees of economic challenges, may we embrace the profound greatness within every citizen, regardless of skin color, body shape, age, gender and fashion choices. May we also continuously push our dreams for a better world. My name is Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru and I love all things Greater Humanity.

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