3 Reasons Why SARS Must Completely End NOW In Nigeria

SARS, The Special Anti-Robbery Squad arm of the Nigerian Police was allegedly setup to curtail criminal activities and geared more towards financial crimes. The poor manner at which SARS was rolled out and operated with minimal budget, has been decried by many Nigerian leaders.

More importantly, many citizens have reported losing loved ones to the brutal and insensitive hands of badly trained, poorly monitored SARS officials. Evidences o social media depict instances of citizens being harassed, extorted, illegally hailed and beaten up by SARS representatives.

For over 4 years there have been massive cries to “END SARS NOW” which have all fallen on deaf ears.

Top 3 Reasons SARS Must End NOW!

  • Nigerian Police and prisons require massive reforms. In 2020, ending SARS is the most minimal request from citizens to government. It must be done to show that the government cares even just a little bit.
  • Many mothers and families have lost their sons and daughters to the menace of SARS. Many citizens have also been maltreated, shot, beaten and harmed. Nigerians cannot suffer any longer. Poverty, pandemic and other significant issues already plague the country.
  • SARS is more dangerous than it is helpful with SARS allegedly committing crimes much worse than those they’re created to diminish.

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