5 Interesting Facts About Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos province is the capital of Lagos, one of the most famous cities in Nigeria and even Africa at large. But this is not the only case in Lagos. You may not know much about Lagos State. Despite being the smallest state in the country, Lagos is the largest economic center.

1. It has the Tallest Building in West Africa

Lagos hosts the tallest building in West Africa. NECOM House Tower is the tallest building in West Africa. This building in Lagos is 160 meters above the city.

2. The Longest Bridge in Africa is in Lagos

The third mainland bridge, which connects the island of Lagos to the mainland, is the longest bridge in Africa, 11.8 kilometers to 1996. The official name of the bridge built by Julius Burger Nigeria Plc is the Ibrahim Babangida Bridge.

3. Lagos Handles 80% of the Country’s Imports

Lagos is a Nigerian country that handles most of the country’s imports. The port of Lagos, on the southwest coast of Nigeria, is responsible for processing 80% of Nigeria’s imports. This port in Lagos is also on the list of the best in Africa.

4. Lagos was called EKO Before Colonization

Lagos was referred to as Eko before colonization by locals. It served as a major centre for slave-trade, from which then Oba of Benin Ado and all of his successors for over four centuries supported – until 1841 when Oba Akitoye ascended to the throne of Lagos and attempted to ban slave-trading. Local merchants strongly opposed the intended move, and deposed, exiled the king and installed Akitoye’s brother Kosoko as Oba.

5. The Most Populous State in Nigeria

Although Lagos is the smallest country, Lagos remains the most populous country in West Africa. Lagos is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Lagos is responsible for the transfer of Lagos to the planning industry.

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