Badagry: A Brief History Of Slave Trade In Nigeria

This ancient town of Badagry was founded around 455 AD. Before it was founded, people lived along the Gberefu and later Badagry was born. It is the second largest commercial city in Lagos state, half an hour from the Republic of Benin. The town of Badgry is located south of the Gulf of Guinea and is surrounded by water, islands and lakes. The old town mainly served the Oyo Kingdom which was made up of Yoruba and Ogu people. Today, the Aworis and Egun live in Badagry. In the early 1500s, slaves were transported from West Africa to America via Badagry. Badagry is reported to have exported as many as 550,000 African slaves to the United States during the American independence period in l787. In addition, slaves were exported to Europe, South America and the Caribbean. The slaves were originally from West Africa and neighboring countries of Benin and Togo and other parts of Nigeria. The slave trade became the main source of income for Europeans in Badagry.

The city of Badagry wants to enlighten the world with its historical sites, landscapes, cultural attractions and landmarks of human activity. Badagry wants to share this World Heritage site with others. They preserve the homes, places and memories of this misfortune, so that travelers can unleash the dark powers of that time. Some areas include Akran Palace in Badagry and a small museum, the tomb of the first missionaries, the office and residence of the minister of the local council, and the first shopping center of the missionary to Nigeria, memorial of slave chains in the small warehouse of the slave trade, war rifles, the Vlekte slave market, and the port established for the transport of slaves before the 16th century.

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