“Don’t Make The Mistake Of Following Those Who Have Failed You Before” says Wole Soyinka

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Nigerian Nobelist and literary scholar, Wole Soyinka, in delivering the 2nd convocation lecture  on Thursday, at Elizade University, Ilara Mokin, Ondo State, called on Nigerian youths to participate in the upcoming general elections and be cautious of the mistakes of old politicians whom he described as part of the problems of Nigeria today, and have failed to solve the problems of the nation. He urged youths to actively participate in politics and ensure their representation in the government.

Mr Soyinka, in lamenting about the behaviours of the old politicians said  ” all I can just tell you is this; don’t make the mistake of following those who failed you before; those who are pretending that they have nothing to do with the disaster that has overtaken Nigeria , they are very quick to smell failure, they are very quick to shout it; but then, they exculpate themselves, whereas they are the founding malfeasance of the Nigerian condition: that is what I am warning (the) youth against. Mobilize, get your representatives and stop bothering geriatrics like myself. ”

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