Ex-Lover-Employment Speech By Princess Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru On Arise News Africa

Today’s topic is Ex Lover Turned Employer. How would a current spouse handle such a scenario?

Relationships are unique. Ex intimate relationships typically have special bonds. Bonds that sometimes magnetically pull people back together for special renewed entanglements. The question today is. How comfortable are you with your current spouse working closely with an ex? How comfortable is a current spouse in accepting a job from an ex? Would this ex-turned-colleague situationship make or break your relationship? Or will you be accepting of the increased responsibilities and renewed income of your spouse? It all depends on the mental, emotional and financial maturity of the couple. And the depth of attraction that exists between the bodies and souls of the exes. Old flames can ignite at anytime. And once it ignites, the working environment provides the disguise for cheating and a secret affair.

Is the ex the only fit for position? And. is the job the only job your spouse can attain at the moment? Renewed love between exes can break up current happy homes. Employment re-establishes a bond. A continual opportunity to interact with a person indefinitely. It also provides a cover up: “we are colleagues”. Secret relationships thrive under the disguise of employment. A woman who makes sure she looks good when going to work, would look good to her ex, HER BOSS, every single day. Most probably better than she looks to you outside of work. She would also have more time for her boss. According to careerbuilder.com, 40% of workers have dated a colleague and one third of these workers get married. The workplace is a breeding ground for romantic entanglements and flame reignition.

Concluding Speech on Ex Lover Employment:

An ex can be a total distraction in the workplace BUT there are rare situations whereby the maturity level of both exes can yield significantly progressive performances without reigniting intimate entanglements. The key to a better world today is pushing our individual and collective dreams as progressively, ethically, and as humanely as possible.

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