Netflix- Nollywood Collaboration: What to expect

netflix naija

Netflix, just recently, opened a Twitter account (@NetflixNaija) catering to its Nigerian market. This is to herald the US-based video-on-demand (VOD) streaming platform’s dedication to providing local content to its Nigerian subscribers.

Interestingly, the handle tweeted a picture of Nollywood producers, directors, veteran actors and actresses; hinting at upcoming collaborations. This follows Netflix’s decision to allow subscription payments in local currencies for Nigeria and Kenya.

Netflix first entered the Nigerian media streaming front in 2016 as well as its emergence in 180 other countries. Since then, the media giant has gained less than 50,000 subscribers. Although it is believed that its indigenous accounts are geared towards garnering subscribers at the grass-root level. Still, the development has been met with mixed reactions as people try to understand what’s next for the collaboration.

Consequently, some of the audience demanded the inclusion of other significant Nollywood personalities. Meanwhile, others advised Netflix to obtain the rights of some old Nollywood movies to be included on the platform. Additionally, others went ahead to indicate their interests/recommendations in the hopes that Netflix recruiting Nigerians onboard its team.

What to Expect from Netflix Naija?

Firstly, the collaborations could create more features like Lionheart, a movie directed by Genevieve Nnaji, which was acquired by Netflix to be an original on the platform. Hopefully, Netflix will continue to come through on its pledge to invest heavily in the African film industry.

On the other hand, instead of creating new Netflix Originals, the collaboration might initiate acquisition of the rights of already existing content. Then making these content available to its Nigerian subscribers under the Netflix umbrella. Currently, there are less than 50 Nollywood movies on Netflix among the multitude of foreign content. Hopefully, the current situation is set to improve.

Furthermore, the global streaming giant has announced it’s first original Nigerian series. The untitled six-part show will be “set in modern-day Nigeria and shot in Lagos,” according to the company’s statement. The press release adds, “This drama tells the story of Kemi, a goddess reincarnated as a human to avenge her sister’s death.”

Additionally, we should expect a heavy-handed competition between the US-based company and local content streaming platforms like IROKtv. This competition could prove to be advantageous to its Nigerian consumers as they are set to receive premium entertainment at a bargain.

Nonetheless, the media streaming service appears to have a favourable streak in the African market. Therefore investments in Nigeria, one of the major players of the African entertainment industry, seems like a wise decision.

Finally, we look forward to measuring its influence in the nearest future with its Nigerians viewership statistics.

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