Nigerian Blockbuster Becomes First Nollywood Movie To Be Distributed By Lionsgate

A Soldier’s Story 2: Return from the Dead has become the first Nigerian film to be distributed by a major American Studio. The movie which is a sequel to “A Soldier’s Story” was produced and directed by Martin Gbados and Frankie Ogar respectively.

The movie which was shot in Nigeria stares Academy Awards Nominated Hollywood Actor- Eric Robert’s and Nigeria Actors Linda Ejiofor, Baaj Adebule, Daniel K Daniel, Tope Tedela and a host of other actors.

Lionsgate through their affiliate, Strawberry Fields Entertainment, believes that Nollywood is a major playing industry in the film space and this deal only goes to confirm it. According to the CEO of Strawberry Fields Entertainment, Jamie Webber, the company will also fund the franchise next film with budgets in the $5 million range. The distribution agent added that “Strawberry is poised to make in roads to Africa with such a powerful movie.”

“A Soldier’s Story II: Return From The Dead” is a tale of two nations, Nigeria and Watz Republic, a fictional country on the west coast of Africa, and the thin line between love, hope and survival in the face of corruption. The movie also highlights issues most of the world is slowly becoming familiar with such as terrorism, emigration, rape, civil rights, international trade and relations.

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