Most Secluded Nigerian Culture: Who Are The Kambari People?

The Kambari people, are mainly found in Agwara, Magama and Mariga LGAs in Niger State. Some live in Rijau , Wushishi and Borgu LGAs. The Kambari are farmers growing millet, guinea-corn, groundnuts and yams, they are one of the few who still practice nudity. A secluded group of people, the Kambari people pride themselves as being as independent from the government as possible.

The Kambari Way Of Life

The Kambari people do not speak English or Hausa, but speak their native Kambari. They stay in their small communities and only interact with others when they have to go to the farm and market. Nudity as a culture was passed down to them by their ancestors and is a part of them they aren’t willing to let go of. However, when they people go to the market to sell their farm produce, the women cover the bottom half of their bodies with wrappers while the men do the same.


As part of the Rijua local council area, the Kambari people produce a large percentage of the crops consumed by the entire people of the area. The most popular crops produced are corn, millet, peanuts, beans, and rice. Nearly all of the locals keep chickens and goats for meat while the richer ones have cattle.


 Kambari marriage is done by slaughtering goats and cows for food while the parents of the bride cook food for the groom. Once the food is eaten, the marriage is contracted. According to the head chief, what attracts men is not the nudity of the women but their hair, good manners and the tattoos the young women have.


The Kambari people are pagans who worship a god called Magiro. They also believe strongly in witchcraft and magic.

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