Paternity Fraud Facts and Speech on Arise TV Perspectives Show By Princess Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru

Today’s topic is Paternity Fraud. Who is the real dad? Who knows the real dad?

Paternity Fraud Speech:

Once upon a time, only a mother could determine the genuine paternity of a child. Today we have paternity tests, artificial intelligence and people who are ready to point out “this child looks nothing like you!” Falsely attributed paternity is rampant at up to 5% globally and there are many deceitful reasons bordering on financial fraud, societal pressure, heartbreak avoidance, fear of judgement and intentional preference for child support, fame or classism. Falsified paternity is most often deliberate but there are truly some somewhat-innocent cases that vindicate mothers. Women who are raped while in a committed relationship, and get pregnant, tend to keep the rape a secret and acknowledge committed partner as the father.

There are also situations of newborn swapping whereby a mother is given another woman’s baby, sometimes by mistake and other time out of another woman’s desperation for another gender resulting in neither father nor mother as biological parents of the swapped babies. And then there are promiscuous heteropaternal situations whereby a woman has sexual intercourse with multiple men in 24 hours resulting in fraternal twins or triplets, each having different fathers. There is paternity test evidence indicating that approximately 1 in every 12 fraternal twins or triplets have different fathers resulting from mothers’ promiscuity.

So, in certain instances, women are not intentionally pinning children on the wrong man. Sometimes, they are lost, unaware or confused. And sometimes, they just want the best man, the man they love the most, to help them in raising a new human regardless of condemnable factors. And ofcourse, most times, there’s deep-rooted fornication, infidelity and adultery involved. Infidelity is societally wrong but some people falter unintentionally. A woman not knowing the father of her child is quite similar to a man having multiple children from different mothers.

Paternity Fraud Closing Message:

Nuclear family is a beautiful unit when free of scandals and infidelity. Nonetheless, regardless of paternity, every brand new human being deserves love and care. It takes a village of great people to raise a great child. When a human being has sprung to life, biological and nonbiological fathers can help in raising our dear child. The key to a better world today, is humanity. Our world needs a much stronger dosage of healthy love, care and compassion.

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