REVEALED! Salary Of Nigerian Senators Among The Highest In The World

It is no news that the salary earned by Nigerian Senators are the most extravagant in the country, however, it has never really been revealed to what extent the salary of these senators is indeed extravagant until now. The salary of Nigerian senators is among the highest in the world, excluding all the paid extra allowances added to their income. The Revenue mobilization and fiscal commission (RMAFC) carried out a descending review of the salaries of top politicians in the country including that of Nigerian senators. Here is a brief summary of the review of what Nigerian senators earn in order of ranking:

The Senate President: The current allowances and salary of the Senate president of Nigeria include a monthly salary of about N724,570, Federal government paid allowances for; domestic staff, entertainment, utilities, security responsibility, Legislative Aids, house maintenance, special adviser, personal assistant, vehicles & maintenance, clothing, newspapers which all entail a 60 percent boost of the salary. The basic annual salary of the Senate president of Nigeria amounts to N2,484,242.50. He also enjoys an allowance of N6.2 million, making a total basic annual salary of N8.69Million. Constituency Allowance amounts to 250 percent of his annual salary and at the end of his tenure, he is entitled to a gratuity of 300 percent of his annual salary. The Senate president also receives an estacode of $1,000 per night for foreign trips and N37,000 per night duty tour allowance.

The Deputy Senate President of Nigeria: The Deputy Senate President enjoys similar benefits as the Senate President, with a monthly salary  N673,506.97. He enjoys an annual basic salary of  N2,309,166.75. Allowances amount to N5,772,916.8 bumping up the basic annual salary to N8,082,083.63. The Deputy Senate President also gets N32,000 per night as Duty Tour Allowance and $ 1,000 as estacode.

Other Senate Members:

The Senate Majority Leader – N12,968,960 annually
The Minority leader- N12,908,168 annually
The Whip – N12,867,000 annually
The Senate Committee Chairmen – N12,867,000 annually.
Ordinary senators –N12,766,320.00 annually.

According to professor Sagay’s (SAN ) analysis, the synopsis of the salary of Nigerian Senators are as follows:

Basic Salary: N2,484,245.50
Hardship allowance: N1,242,122.70
Constituency allowance: N4,968,509.00
Furniture allowance: N7,452,736.50
Newspaper allowance: N1,242,122.70
Wardrobe allowance: N621,061.37
Recess allowance: N248,424.55
Accommodation: N4,968,509.00
Utilities: N828,081.83
Domestic staff: N1,863,184.12
Entertainment: N828,081.83
Personal Assistant: N621,061.37
Vehicle Maintenance Allowance: N1,863,184.12
Leave Allowance: N248,424.55
Severance Gratuity: N7,425,736.50
Motor Vehicle Allowance: N9,936,982.00


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