Speech On Global Monarchy By Princess Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru On Arise TV News

Here for another exciting episode discussing Global Royalty. Is monarchy still very relevant today? Impactful?

Now, let’s spotlight individual royal powers existing today. King of Thailand was crowned a divine monarch, he is considered a living God with a networth of over 50 billion dollars. The king of Brunei is another absolute monarch with a personal fortune of over 30 Billion dollars. His palace accommodates upwards of 2000 rooms and over 500 of the world’s most expensive cars. The King of Saudi Arabia, with a networth of over 20 billion dollars, sits on the throne of the richest trillionaire family in the world, with over 15,000 family members and oil assets exceeding 20% of the world’s reserves. The King of Abu Dhabi who is also the President of the UAE, has a networth of over 20 Billion dollars and is well known for his visionary investments in tourism and national development which he achieves alongside his Vice President, King of Dubai who has a similar networth.

The kings of Qatar, the UK, Morocco and Monaco are also billionaires investing notably in tourism and other areas of national development. Global monarchy has a combined valuation of 3 trillion dollars with varying degrees of relevance, impact, wealth and power with the most successful kingdoms being run as public conglomerates or egalitarian kingdoms rather than autocratic governments. The most impactful monarchs are akin to merited democratic leaders who invest in tangible developments. The relevance of hereditary monarchy has declined over the years, with only about 30 of 195 countries being led by Monarchs, as the vibrations of democracy and a more equal, humane world increases.

Furthermore, some interesting facts. Royals are very sexual people especially the ones that have employed great people to run their empires well while they lavish in wealth; and the ones who have minimal relevance yet comfortable wealth. There was a roman empress named Valeria who was an award-winning sex marathoner. She once won a contest with other women to see who could handle the most men in a single evening. The youngest Monarch ever was a Queen of Scots who ascended the throne at age 6 days old after her father the king died. The most wicked Monarch historically recorded was Queen Ranavalona of Madagascar who poisoned citizens to death for the fun of it. Upwards of half of the population of Madagascar died during her reign.

Monarchy or democracy, every country deserves progressive developments made possible by visionary leaders who are well appreciated by patriotic citizens. Ethical democracy, merited leadership and greater humanity are very important keys to a better world today. Our world needs a much stronger dosage of quality leadership, equitable wealth and greater humanity. Once again, I am Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru and I love Nigeria, Africa and good people.

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