Speech On Rape By Princess Olatorera Majekodunmi-Oniru On Arise TV Perspectives Show 20th May 2023

Here today for another important episode of Perspectives. Today’s topic is Rape. We have very important facts and special guests coming up so please stay tuned.

Main Message:

Sex should always be consensual. And the basis of sex should most ideally be love. Pure, mutual, respectful and genuine love will never instigate rape. Every human body is sacred and internal organs are supernaturally made to do miraculous things. Forcefully invading another human being’s body can be detrimental to the soul of the raped. This is especially worrisome with children. Every human should be old enough to decide when, where and if they desire to be sexually active. An old man having intercourse with his underaged wife is rape. Similarly, a female caretaker copulating with an underaged boy is rape. Perpetrators of rape are 99% men. Therefore we need to critically understand why men rape.

Certain rapists have confessed to using rape as a tool to calm anger and frustration induced by power-drunk or power-hungry testosterone moments of lustfulness. Certain rapists derrive power, control and sexual pleasure from seeing their victim in pain. And there are the antisocial ones who rape because they are insecure in their abilities to attract a woman and cannot handle rejection. Many rapists have also been poorly raised and poorly educated about women and sex. Many are emotionally detached and have been emotionally damaged. It is highly important to raise men to understand the dehumanizing, devastating, toxic and highly detrimental impact of rape. Rape in itself, PTSD, STDs and unwanted pregnancies are evil. Rape is a complete and total no-no. 90% of rape victims are deeply traumatized and about 40% contemplate suicide while many go on to use drugs such as marijiana and cocaine.

In a functional society with good governance, rapists should be reported and convicted rapists should be rehabilitated with proper education and progressive emotional therapy. Rapists that are unable to change should then be incarcerated and prevented from harming future victims. A significant increase in communal love and high-quality education will yield a notable decrease in rape. We need to raise children with progressive cultural norms and the notion of socialized gender equality.

Closing Message:

Pure love and romance is such a beautiful thing that every human deserves to experience continuously. Rape is dark, evil and unnecessary in a world with endless love and opportunities. No form of violence or rape is acceptable to any gender, at any age, at any time. If you’re a rapist, cease and desist. If you’re a victim, find ways to speak up and report perpetrators to prevent them from harming other women. The key to a better world is humanity. Our world needs a much stronger dosage of healthy love, care and compassion.

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