The Lost Glory Of The Giant of Africa

There is a common belief among Nigerians that the country possesses the most formidable militancy. However, this contradicts facts, for according to a recent study of the military of Africa, Nigeria currently ranks fifth behind South Africa, Ethiopia, Algeria and Egypt. Nigeria is a major importer of arms while South Africa, on the other hand, possesses a domestic arms industry. We should not forget that in 2014, Nigeria was caught in an embarrassing situation when a private jet was caught in Johannesburg with money for the purchase of weapons.

In the world today, industrialisation has been directly linked to economic growth and development. This is exemplified in the fact that all of the developed countries of the world today are highly industrialised countries while most underdeveloped countries are primarily concerned with the production of primary products to be exported to the developed countries to be processed into finished products. Nigeria cannot be said to be an industrialised country because or major income comes as a result of our export of oil. Over the years, there have been calls for a diversification of the economy as well as an industrialisation of the country but this sadly has not occurred. The insufficient power supply has crippled the efforts of the private sector towards industrialisation in the country. For instance, several companies such as Dunlop, Michelin have shut down their plants in Nigeria and relocated to a more conducive economic environment in Ghana. On the other hand, South Africa is currently certified by the World Bank as a newly industrialised country. The country also has multinational corporations spread all over the world, the most popular among Nigerians include MTN, MultiChoice.

Furthermore, in the “good old days,” Nigeria had the best universities as well as the best university graduates. However, with less funding, lack of prioritisation of Education at the Federal level, the upsurge in malpractice as well as constant strike actions by education-related bodies, the Nigerian educational system has become a shadow of its former self.

Consequently, the standard of tertiary education in the country has dropped in relation to other top African universities. This is exemplified by the performance of Nigerian universities in recent ratings both in Africa and the world.

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Source: The Guardian

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