Top 10 Fastest Growing Cities In The World

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According to the United Nations, the world population is expected to grow to 8.6 billion in 2030. Interestingly, African cities are leading this population growth. This expected growth is set to happen in nine countries, 5 of which are in Africa. Consequently, the top 10 fastest-growing cities are all located in Africa. The population in these cities are projected to grow at an almost double rate by 2035.

This is mainly due to the continent’s increasingly large youth population which is the highest in any continent. Over 75% of people in Africa are below the age of 35. This makes the continent and its fastest-growing cities inviting as a commodity market and a pool for human capital.

Here are the 15 fastest-growing global cities and their projected increase in population:

1. Bujumbura, Burundi:

Estimated 2020 population: 1,013,000 

Projected 2035 growth by 123%: 2,263,000.

2. Zinder, Niger:

Estimated 2020 population: 489,000 

Projected 2035 growth by 118%: 1,065,000

3. Kampala, Uganda:

Estimated 2020 population: 3,928,000

Projected 2035 growth by 112%: 7,004,000

4. Kabinda, Congo:

Estimated 2020 population: 466,000

Projected 2035 growth by 110%: 979,000

5. Songea, Tanzania: 

Estimated 2020 population: 353,000

Projected 2035 growth by 110%: 740,000

6. Mwanza, Tanzania:

Estimated 2020 population: 1,120,000

Projected 2035 growth by 102%: 2,267,000

7. Gwagwalada, Nigeria:

Estimated 2020 population: 410,000

Projected 2035 growth by 102%: 827,000

8. Bunia, Congo:

Estimated 2020 population: 679,000

Projected 2035 growth by 101%: 1,368,000

9. Niamey, Niger:

Estimated 2020 population: 1,292,000

Projected 2035 growth by 101%: 2,600,000

10. Tete, Mozambique:

Estimated 2020 population: 371,000

Projected 2035 growth by 101%: 744,000

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