Top 3 Attractions To Visit On The Lagos Mainland

Lagos is a beautiful city where you can visit many wonderful places and spend time with your family and friends on a cool evening or a nice weekend. Most of these attractions are on the island (which is why the island is considered the venue for the Lagos event), notwithstanding, there quite a number of interesting and fun spots on the mainland as well. Below are 3 amazing attractions to visit in Lagos mainland;

1. Paintballing at Ziggies, Magodo

Paint balling at Ziggie’s in Magodo, Lagos isn’t just a fun but exercising activity that gets your blood pumping real good, relieving you of stress as well as enhancing teamwork while having all the fun you can ever imagine.

2. Kalakuta Museum, Ikeja

Legendary afrobeat musician Fela Anikulapo-Kuti’s residence stands as a symbol of hope to Nigerians who are discouraged about the nation’s dysfunction. The home of late Kuti has been transformed into a museum with his shoes, under wears, clothes, photographs, his saxophone and other properties preserved properly in the Kalakuta museum.

3. Nation Theatre, Iganmu

The national theatre is a multi-purpose national monument for the preservation, presentation and promotion of Nigerian arts and culture. The building houses two cinema halls, a restaurant and a bar which is perfect for hanging out with loved ones.

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