Top 3 Reasons All African Countries Must Rapidly Adopt Visa On Arrival Processes

Some of the African countries that have adopted the visa-on-arrival process include Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Egypt and Nigeria. It is a process that seems to be spreading rapidly as Nigeria only recently adopted it in Q3 2018. Nonetheless, it is a process that must be on the rise and all African countries should adopt if able to implement well with the right structure and resources. See top 3 reasons below we recommend all African countries establish visas-on-arrival:


  1. Intra- Africa trade is currently on the rise with lots of investments being pumped into growing the possibilities. Visa on arrival makes the processes of doing business across the continent more effective thus contributing to the rise of intra-Africa trade. Travelers will be excited to eliminate the hassle of going to embassies and waiting weeks to procure visas when they can get visas on arrival smoothly, quickly and affordably.
  2. It boosts tourism significantly. 100% of 120 travelers surveyed recently at Lagos Murtala Muhammed International Airport indicated that the new visa on arrival process was the foremost factor in their recent visit to the country.
  3. Less bureaucratic with increased revenue. Countries such as Kenya and Rwanda have excelled in ensuring smooth, well-organized and stress-free visa on arrival processes.


It is absolutely essential that the process is very well managed by both the ministries of Aviation and Tourism to maximize all possibilities. Government, through checks and balances, must also manage that the process will not be abused i.e. corruption, illegal migration and other crimes that tend to affect the visa-on-arrival process.

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