Top 3 Reasons Why Branded Kim Kardashian Became More Popular Than Super Talented Beyonce

Beyonce Knowles is one of the most well known, talented musicians in the world. Now a wife and mother, Beyonce has been in the entertainment industry in the USA, singing, dancing and acting since she was a toddler. Kim kardashian rose to fame in her 20s after releasing a sex tape she filmed with Ray-J, a celebrity who was more popular than her at the time. Beyonce is a beautiful performer who puts everything into giving her audience the very best at every event. She dances, acts, sings, smiles beautifully and so much more. Kim Kardashian is equally a beautiful woman in her own way but with less “talent” and more branding. Her body is configured for continuous attention and so is her mannerism and many other aspects of her life.

beyonce kim kardashian branding sex tape

Top 3 Reasons How and Why Kim Became More Popular Than Beyonce

  • Beyond money and wealth which she loves extremely much, Kim’s foremost goal in life was to become popular. She always craved that life and would do anything for it despite not having any specific talent that could propel her. Kim branded herself for FAME above all else.
  • Kim built her network of loyal followers. She didn’t leave her family behind, she brought them all along on the ride. Even the ones that are popularity-shy somehow began to appreciate and take advantage of the benefits. People around her are mostly loyal and guard her secrets well. She also protects herself legally with non-disclosure agreements.
  • Once her popularity period started, she held on to her fame, vowing to never let go and grew her popularity as massively as possible. She never missed any paparazzi moments and has remained a daily face on TV for the past 12 years. Other popular stars from Beyonce to Jay-Z to Celine Dion to Britney Spears take breaks from fame. Kim has remained strong rarely letting the downsides of fame affect her while simultaneously taking advantage of all the upsides.

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