Top 3 Sources Of Free Legal Help In Nigeria

Legal issues arise from the rights and obligations created by the laws of a state to regulate the activities of its people. Though avoidable, legal problems are also unavoidable because as the popular legal saying goes “Ubi Jus Ibi Remedium” meaning  “For every wrong, the law provides a remedy” and in every situation, there is always a right created out of an obligation between two or more people that sometimes ends up being breached. Also, with the fast-growing economy of today,  so many new legal issues continue to arise that the law constantly strives to cover. In Nigeria, the primary sources of law are the Received English law, Statutes & Legislations, Case laws, Customary laws and International laws, while the secondary sources are Law reports, textbooks, law journals and legal digest etc. these are the sources available to a legal professional in solving a case brought before him or her. However, what are those available means afforded to the layman who doesn’t have the vast legal knowledge or experience or funds to resolve a legal problem? This is one key factor which must be highlighted for people who require legal help and cannot afford to hire a high-profile legal team or pay the fees of an expensive law firm. Below are 3 major sources available to a normal Nigerian without a legal background and limitless funds to solve a legal problem:

  1. Legal Aid: Most countries have made legal aid available for those of its citizen who cannot afford to pay for legal services. Legal aid in Nigeria is made available through the Legal aid council of Nigeria which can be found in many states in the country, providing legal assistance to the indigent Nigerian.
  2. Legal Encyclopedia: It might as well be referred to as the Wikipedia of law since it provides a comprehensive set of brief articles on a variety of legal topics. Legal encyclopedia encompasses a broad aspect of gathering information which thanks to the internet provides access to hundreds of websites, articles, comments and other information on different areas of law including legal remedies. It should be pointed out that not all legal problems must end up in court, as a matter of fact, it is the goal of the justice system to cut down the level of litigation through alternative dispute resolutions, and this can be achieved by equipping the masses with the right tools and access to this information to make them aware of their available options.
  3. Pro-bono services from Private Firms: So many leading law firms and establishments usually take on pro-bono cases at certain points in time which not only benefits those in need of it but also the firms which provide pro-bono services by boosting their profile.


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