Top 3 Ways To Beat COVID-19

As Russia recently announced the launch of a COVID-19/Coronavirus vaccine called sputnik, many skeptics wonder of alternatives. Other countries including the USA and UK are also working to release tested and trusted vaccines as soon as possible. Can you beat COVID-19 without vaccination? If you contract the disease, will you be asymptomatic? What ways can you attempt to beat the pandemic and strengthen your health? Madagascar within the first few months of the ruption of the disease, released a herbal concoction vowing it’s a guaranteed cure. Similarly, a lot of content developers across the world shared immune boosting tips.

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Workers slice pineapples into small pieces at Tuzamurane Cooperative pineapple factory in Murehe Cell, Kirehe district, eastern Rwanda.

Top 3 Ways To Most Effectively Beat COVID-19:

  • We are undoubtedly in an Era of immune boosting. Consider changing your diet completely to a diet that’s most optimal for your well being. Plant based diets, low carbs diets or no sugar diets have worked miraculously well for many.
  • Strong health is a must. If you have underlying diseases, isolate yourself while working to cure your ailments. Avoid certain foods, loose weight and consume more heart healthy vegetables.
  • Wear a mask when in public or around new faces. Limit your outings, stay safe and stay stress free.

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