Top 3 Ways To Defeat Workism Or Workerism Yet Live A Richer Life

Workism is the act of engaging full-time, non-stop and religiously in a job or career. Most human beings engaged in workism or workerism, do so until their last days on earth. They work many hours every single day, even after they reach the point of burnout. Workerism can be dangerous if it limits you from the full potentials of an alternate life. Many grow up believing education, work and money equate success but do they really? What are your alternatives?

workism the truth and how to defeat it

Top 3 Ways To Defeat Workism And Live A Richer Life:

  1. Own your time, your decisions and your ambitions (or lack of). Want to work only 2 hours daily? find the job that would allow that. What to author a book and receive minimal royalties for life? go for it.
  2. Gather your basic needs early on in your adult life. This includes your independence, love, family, shelter, food and clothing. Find a sure affordable stream for your basic needs and guard them.
  3. Be genuinely good to people. Good deeds almost always bring back good returns and happiness. You will find out that you rarely need to work once you’re good to people and they appreciate you in return.

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