Top 3 Wealthiest Past African Presidents

Africa is enriched with bountiful human and mineral resources. With over one billion inhabitants of the continent and the limitless oil reserves, gold, platinum, tin, diamond and other precious resources that sustain the global economy, a majority of Africans are still barely getting by financially. Meanwhile, African presidents and leaders are known to be among the wealthiest individuals in Africa acquiring a great percentage of their wealth from the role. It is not surprising that many of these leaders fight to remain in that role for many decades just to enable them to accumulate more and more wealth. Here are 3 of Africa’s wealthiest past leaders, some of who spent many years in office accumulating the bulk of their wealth from the revenue belonging to their respective nations:

  1. Jose Eduardo dos Santos was the second Angolan president who held office for 34 years from 1979-2017 leading to his  $20 billion net worth. His accumulated wealth from his prolonged reign gained his family’s massive fortune in addition to his daughter Isabel dos Santos’ outrageous net worth which earned her the richest woman in Africa and the world’s richest black woman with over $3.4 billion of personal wealth. Meanwhile during his term close to 70% of Angolan citizens were reported to have lived below $2 dollars a day.
  2. Goodluck Jonathan served as Nigeria’s president from May 6, 2010, to May 29, 2015. In 2017, he had an estimated net worth of $105 million, as contained in Forbes Africa’s Rich List. His fortune stemmed can be traced to the prestigious positions he was appointed to in the Nigerian government.
  3. Robert Mugabe was Zimbabwe’s president from 31 December 1987 to 21 November 2017 when he resigned after his party expelled him, bringing his 37 years rulership to an abrupt end. Being one of the most popular presidents in Africa, and one of the longest-serving African presidents, he has a net worth of $10 Million drawn from his 37 years of presidency. However, some are of the opinion that he is worth more than that and could be worth up to $1 billion.

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