Top 5 Career Options For Easily Distracted People

Certainly, we live in a noisy world. In the flurry of activities and the need to stay connected, it is easy to lose yourself in all the confusion. Certainly, the mind was made to wander but some people find it harder to focus. Routine work, overthinking and addiction to mobile devices are among the most common distractions. Meanwhile, according to Google Trends, there has been an increase in the search for “how to be productive”. This shows that more people are struggling with being productive in their daily life and at work. However, studies show that easily distracted people thrive better in jobs that engage their thinking capacity. Below are the top career options that can help engage your wandering mind:

1. Entrepreneurship

The beauty of Entrepreneurship is in its flexibility. You are free to be spontaneous and achieve objectives at your own pace. (Also Read: What is Micro-investing?) Being self-employed exposes you to a variety of situations, experiences and people and you will find that there is rarely any dull moment. According to Dr. Tomas Chammorro, a world-leading business psychologist, meta-analyses indicate that entrepreneurs tend to have higher levels of “openness to experience”. This means they differ from manager because they are more curious, interested in variety and novelty. Furthermore, they are less likely to tolerate routine and predictability because they are more prone to boredom.

2. Advertising, Media and Public Relations

This career option is a gold mine for people who are easily distracted. The good news is you don’t have to disconnect and pay attention. It is actually your job to stay connected and let your mind wander. This job will help you use your distractions as a tool for ideation and creativity. Besides, you can use your threshold for boredom to measure what will interest your audience. This will be an asset in to creating attention-grabbing content.

 3. Blogging

You can join the ranks of modern journalism without looking for news to report, tape recorder in hand. Most importantly, you can be whatever you want to be: entrepreneur, lifestyle expert, food connoisseur, travel guide. This job requires you to always be in the loop with what’s happening around you. In fact, when carefully branded, your personality can be your key to success. 

4. Consulting

Interestingly, there are a million and one branches of consulting. Specialists focus on only one branch while Generalists do everything. The perfect fit for those under our spotlight is obviously, Generalist consulting. According to the Harvard Business Review, consultants are always more successful when they are generalists. They are more likely to thrive in variety than narrowly focused niches. Besides, each assignment is a unique opportunity to learn something new, understand a new client, and develop new expertise.

 5. Content Developer

For those with tech skills and an overactive mind, content development is a top career to channel your distractions. Content developers are essentially involved in the creation, development, and editing of content for various activities related to online marketing as well as front-end web development. Since it involves creative work, it is essential to keep yourselves updated with trends and efficiently utilise your imagination to create engaging content.

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