Top 5 Countries With The Highest Paying Jobs in Africa

The US immigrant visa ban is set to take effect in 4 days, on the 21st February 2020. It targets people seeking permanent entry to the US through family, employment or Diversity Lottery Programme. As a result, Nigerians have been forced to look elsewhere for their hopes of finding greener pastures. Furthermore, the International Labour Organisation notes that Labour migration in Africa is largely intra-regional (80%). This is mainly the movement of low-skilled workers as opposed to skilled workers who prefer Europe or North America. Nigeria ranks in the top 10 in terms of the number of skilled workers leaving for Canada over the past four years. Whereas, some countries in Africa have worthwhile wages for their skilled immigrants. Let’s take a look at the countries with highest paying jobs in Africa:

1. Libya

Libya has the most lucrative job market in Africa with the highest paying jobs. Despite being mostly known for Gaddafi and political chaos, this desert and oil-rich country in the Maghreb region in Africa enjoys a favourable economy with the average monthly net salary after tax at $1,713.77. This converts to over 600,000 in Naira. The top industries include oil, mining, banking and finance. In addition, the country also has a low cost of living index of 42.22.

2. Zambia

Zambia has an average monthly salary of $1,482.22. It is famous for its breathtaking scenery and diverse wildlife. Some of the highest paying careers in Zambia include office administration, banking and finance, healthcare, non-governmental organizations and agriculture. Other sectors that pay decent salaries are teaching, tourism, copper mining, and engineering.

3. South Africa

As one of the strongest economies on the African continent, it is a major hub for professionals looking to advance their careers. The country has its net salary at $1,270 per month. Most of the highest-paid professionals in the country include aviation workers, lawyers, IT managers, air traffic controllers, software engineers, architects, and petroleum controllers.

4. Namibia

Namibia’s economy relies heavily on the extraction and processing of minerals. Namibia is among the world’s top 5 producers of uranium, with sufficient diamond deposits. The average net salary in Namibia after taxation is $753 per month. The highest paying sectors include mining, actuarial sciences, aviation, health (surgeons). Importantly, the cost of living in the country is high as the country is highly dependent on world commodity prices.

5. Mauritius

Popularly known for its stunning coral reefs and diverse wildlife and plants, the average salary in Mauritius is $666.66 a month. Lucrative sectors include finance, real estate, and business services, tourism, manufacturing, transport and storage, and communication services.

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