Is President Trump the most hated President in the world? Just after 491 days into his presidency, people most especially the Liberals, Democrats and even members of his Republican party do not support most of his radical and unorthodox style of governance. In a recent post in the New Yorker, Evan Osmos writes; “Trumps critics are actively exploring the path to impeachment or the invocation of the 25th amendment, which allows for the replacement of the president who is judged to be mentally unfit”. The largest organized protest against Trump was the day after his inauguration, millions protested on the 21st January 2017, during the Women’s march, making it the largest single day protest in the history of the United States. We will be analyzing what we believe to be the top 5 reasons why it is considered that the people have hatred towards President Trump.

  • He is a Successful Businessman

According to Forbes, as of 27th of May 2018, Trump is worth 3.1billion dollars. It is on record that many liberals have stated President Trump was disqualified for Presidency because of his wealthy status. Claiming “the two don’t mix”. The problem with this objection is that, the constitution does not prohibit a wealthy person from becoming President. President Bill Clinton was worth over 80 million dollars, there was no objection to his wealth status then, so why do it now? It’s because Trump built an imperium outside politics and he also surprised everyone when he won the election.

  • He Speaks his Mind

Trump, is a very blunt man. He says what he thinks and feels at every point in time. Even when it comes off as crude. This feature is the most prominent reason why I believe people hate him. President Trump is the modern President breaking traditions and norms. He once said the United Nations was a club for people to talk and have a good time.

  • He Signed Several Controversial Bills into Effect and is also Planning on Replacing Obamacare

President Trump signed many bills into effect including tax breaks for the rich and tax hikes for the poor. He is also trying to replace the Obamacare with his own version “Medicare”. This would put those who use Medicaid which is also part of Obamacare in a bad spot.

  • He is Overly Self –Confident and Impulsive

Trump is so self-assured that he makes Napoleon looks like he wasn’t entirely sure of himself. He is far too self-important to ever be an effective politician much less the POTUS. Trump is a man of more base desires and vainglorious pursuits. He’s been known to have Sean Penn-like outbursts, and the biggest part of his multiple He bankruptcies was because of his impulsive behaviors leading to bad investments. An American President cannot be so impulsive. A President needs to be measured and calculated and also be willing to compromise. These words do not exist in Trumps’ vocabulary.

  • He is Conservative with his Opinions and Ideologies

Throughout his election campaign, Trump keeps reiterating that he wanted to build a wall between Mexico and America to restrict illegal immigration among other things. Congress approved 1.6 billion to replace existing barriers and add some fencing in new areas. On the 5th of April in West Virginia, Trump said; “We have a billion-six. We’ve started building it and fixing miles and miles of wall that’s already up and fence. And we’re going to have our wall”. In addition, he issued a ban on the 27th of January 2017, preventing refugees from seven Muslims  majority countries from entering the USA. He also made a derogatory remark at the parents of a U.S. army officer who had served in the Iraq war. All this examples shows racism which sums up to why he’s the most hated president in the world.


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