Top 5 Technology-Driven Countries In Africa

Africa is a fast-growing continent slowly catching up to the technological advancement of developed continents such as America and Europe. Many fascinating innovations are gradually emerging in African countries which says a lot about the continent’s potentials. Africa may not have started as early as others in its race for technology advancement, but today’s Africans are definitely not slacking when it comes to innovating and adopting new technologies. Below are the top most technology-driven African countries of today:

  1. South Africa
    At the top of the list is South Africa, having the best universities in Africa as well as many breathtaking infrastructures scattered across the country. It ranks as the most technologically advanced country on the continent in the current Global Innovation Index (GII).
  2. Uganda
    According to studies conducted in the US, Uganda is the second best nation in Africa with advanced technological and innovation potentials and the 82nd in the chart of nations with advanced technological innovation. The Ugandan government has deeply invested in its ICT sector which has also attracted foreign investors.
  3.  Nigeria
    The giant of Africa and the most populous country on the continent has most of its citizens possessing different technology devices at their beck and call. Lagos state alone fields various technology hubs such as its large and popular tech hub, computer village located at Ikeja. With the likes of Iroko Partners, a successful internet company with more than 6 million unique users from 178 nations,  INYE-1 and INYE-2 tablet computers which are made in Nigeria, Moringa plant technology which enables Nigerians to use Moringa plant for water treatment and so many other technology initiatives in the country, Nigeria is ranked at the top of Africa’s most driven countries in technology.
  4.  Kenya
    Kenya boasts of many technological innovation ideas. For instance, Antony Mutua developed a charging shoe and a 44-year-old man from Nairobi invented an alarm-fitted television. SMS car immobilizer, solar-powered refrigerator and underwater pet housing are some of the fascinating innovations coming out of the country.
  5. Egypt
    The ancient country known for its intriguing historic tales and artefacts is the cradle of civilization. The country has been associated with inventions and innovations for centuries. Ancient Egypt recorded development in technology, astronomy and science that allowed astronauts to explore space travel.

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