Top 5 Tips To Establish A Well Branded Name For Your Company

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Business names are one of the unspoken factors that can determine the success of a business. Much like an identity, the name says a lot about your business and the type of brand you are trying to build. Usually, some industries have a particular way of naming their businesses. An upcoming business can choose to mimic the name of a successful business in the same industry and the replication continues until it becomes an industry trend. However, there is still room for uniqueness when choosing your business name. Here are our Top 5 tips for naming your business:

  1. The first tip is to add a modifier of what your business is about. For example, an advertising company or branding agency can choose the modifier Brand for its business name e.g FutureBrand. Also, a clothing outlet or designer store can choose the modifier “outlet” e.g Dressmeoutlet.
  2. You can also adopt the law firm model by naming the company after its founders. For example, Banwo & Ighodalo, Gulliver’s & Green etc.
  3. In the case where your choice of name is too lengthy, you can choose to abbreviate or use an acronym e.g KPMG, PZ etc
  4. Metaphorical names can also help add an exciting effect to the businesses brand. It makes the business relatable and gives it a fun personality e.g Taxify, Unilever
  5. Quips are short names that are easy to remember and are sure to make a lasting first impression e.g Zoom, TikTok. In naming your business, you should ensure that the quip is easy to spell.

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