Why Did Uber and Bolt Drivers Embark on Strike?

E- cab operators under the backings of professional e-hailing Drivers and Private Owners Association have threatened to embark on strike if their demands are not met.

Idris Shonuga, National President of PEDPA during a press conference called for immediate review of affairs to reflect the current economic status in the country. He stated that over 95% of e- hailing transactions are consummated through Uber and Bolt platforms and the companies have refused to review its pricing despite the inflation of essential commodities in the country.

Shonuga added that several letters have been written to the companies but they have failed to honor their request for a meeting to discuss issues favorable to all e- hailing drivers in Nigeria.

“Instead of fixing a new and reasonable fare in line with inflation, the companies have recklessly continued to maintain the low fare thereby improverishing young, hardworking Nigerians who are diligently and lawfully trying to make a decent living” Shonuga said.

Also more than 20 others have lost their lives through kidnapping or killed by ritualist without any compensation from the operators. The e- cab operators also demanded for adequate welfare package for drivers and compensation to the families of those that lost their live or are permanently disable in the course of service.

Shonuga said the association was considering taking leg actions to seek remedies against e-hailing compamies if demands were not met.

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