What Startups can Teach Hospitals Overwhelmed by Covid-19

Due to Covid-19, hospitals have now put on the very uncomfortable shoes that are peculiar to start-ups. Working long hours, taking on new tasks and roles for which they have had no formal training, coping with emotionally devastating failures and unexpected levels of uncertainty. They have done a remarkable job so far with hanging in there. However, there is perhaps a thing or two that our heroes in scrubs can learn from strat-ups who have been pushed into corners like they are now and come out at the other end, victorious. Coming out of these pandemic victorious is exactly what we need during this pandemic and here are 3 wisdom nuggets from the startups playbook that can help achieve that:

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  • Adaptability of work operations: Employees of start-ups are known to pitch in to do almost any task that needs to be done because they are truly engaged in what they’re creating and profoundly motivated to succeed. Hospitals can do away with the bureaucracy with which they operate and adopt a more flexible operations model which is centered on people helping others in whatever way they can.
  • Spread the word, fast!: In order to prevent a repeat of mistakes and failures, startups share the results of failures and successes quickly so everyone can be up to speed with do’s and don’ts.
  • Record and establish processes that work: As important as it is to be flexible, to speed up efficiency, hospitals should take note of processes that work and establish them as a guide for operations. 

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